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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  September 6, 2010 10:00am-10:30am PST

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mmm, i wry about your mother. cry herself to sleep every night over my arteries, but have yourself a bowl. good speech dad. [ whimper ] male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and its whole grain oats can lp lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy. ♪ ♪ president obama will use this labor day to announce a massive new investment aimed at create being jobs. his latest stimulus plan comes at a critical time with u.s. unemployment hovering near 10% and a midterm election in two months. t. j. winick reports. >> the white house claimed it's using this labor day to put americans back to work. the president's critics abound when it comes to his handling of
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the economy. >> obama has not articulated a physical lose if i. >> he planses to get specific. 150,000 miles of road, a navigation system to cut down on travel time and delay. ohio the president will announce tax write-offs for business research costs expected to equal $100 billion. >> the last eight months we've added about 90,000 private sector jobs each month. seeing growth in certain sectors, construction, mining industry, healthcare and other areas. >> all of the programs announced this week are not expected to bring the unemployment rate below 9.6% before election day. john mccain believes his initiatives are a case of too little too late. >> we always like to see debt conversions but the fact is if we had done this a couple years
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ago we'd be in better shape. >> they want to pull money from incumbents likely to lose focusing instead on those who have a chance to win. >> this is the time you gotta do the hard math, look at the numbers. either you're making the cut or you're not. >> polls suggest more trouble for the president. voters say they'll vote in november. >> if you're looking for a job where here to help. abc 7 and california job journal. you can find more information on our website under "see it on tv." democracy gubernatorial candidate jerry brown announced his first tv ad this morning. >> as govern he cut waste, got rid of the mansion and limo, budgets were balanced. >> the ad promotes brown's
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accomplishments as governor in the past and outlines his general goals if he were elected to office again. brown was governor from 1975 to '83. the ad will begin airing in all media markets throughout the state. the state attorney general has kept a light campaign schedule over the summer. meg whitman has already spent $100 million across the primary and general campaign, much of it from her own personal fortune. whitman's campaign released this statement in response to brown's first campaign ad. it says after 40 years in politics protecting the status quo, it's no surprise jerry brown is kicking off his campaign with a misleading historic renovation of his own record. the search is getting back underway the a pittsburgh landfill as investigators try to find a missing hercules man. frequent rick sales may be the fifth vic of a man who went on a murder spree fueled by romantic jealousy. live at the landfill with the
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latest. >> investigators have not given up on the search for the body they believe is buried somewhere in an acre of trash, garbage and debris here at the keller canyon landfill in pittsburgh. but today just as the past three days, the search continues. 20 volunteers and three hercules homicide investigators are still sifting through tons of trash. they are looking for the remains of this man, 35-year-old frederick sales. investigators believe that he is the fifth victim of a murder spree begun by 38-year-old valdamora tools of last week. hercules police believe valdamora dumped sales' body in a trash bin that ended up here at the landfill. the past four days searchers came up empty. the job is tedious, distasteful in the heat. >> you have an acre of land. is that an acre of trash that's 10, 15, 20 feet deep? the amount of debris is
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estimated at about 3,000 tons. so it's not flat. there are piles of trash. and debris out there. >> hercules spokesperson doreen matthews says searchers have to painstakingly remove each scoop. >> each scoop is taking about a half hour to go through. that's why we're here again. this is, what, day four. >> police believe that valdamora killed his girlfriend cindy tran and frederick's father in a jealous rage believing one or both romanced his girlfriend. identified as the murder suspect, valdamora was shot to death by the chp last week following a high-speed chase. while valdamora is also linked by vallejo police to the killings of smart and allen. their decaying bodies were found in allen's home where allen's house charles rittenhouse was living at the time. he's in jail for having large amounts of explosives in his home. investigators say they won't stop the search here until they
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either find the body or are certain that every single inch of that acre of landfill has been searched. >> thomas, thank you. in san francisco, autopsies and toxicology tests are planned tomorrow in the investigation of a weekend car crash that killed two young mean. 20-year-old nick sarmeno and his friend robbie mccann of hercules were killed in the crash. the honda was speeding around the curve on lake merced boulevard when it veered into oncoming traffic. a car carrying a family crashed into the honda. a mother, father and their daughter who was about 13 were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. vallejo police are on the hunt for two suspects who they say took thousands of dollars from sixflags discovery kingdom. investigators say just before 11 p.m. two armed men wearing black hooded sweatshirts and masks cut a hole in the fence and robbed several employees who had been collecting the day's receipts. the park was closed.
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police don't have a suspect description and there's no surveillance video. some unhappy meals being served at a mcdonald's in san francisco. homeless advocates say the decision by one of the restaurants to do away with the dollar menu is a ploy to get rid of the homeless. eric thomas is live in the haight arby, with the story. >> this at the corner of haight and samuel where all the fuss has been raised. what used to be the $1, it costs nearly a dollar and a half. he's because the dollar itself went away about a month ago. the decision made by the owner of this particular franchise and doesn't necessarily affect any of the other mcdonald's in the area, but this fast food restaurant is right across the street from golden gate park. that means an almost steady stream of homeless people in and out of the store are often ordering what they can, the
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cheapest thing on the menu. they say now that they can't get a dollar menu item, paying an extra 45 cents a meal means eating or not eating at times. some believe the price hike was aimed at the homeless. >> that means that the dollar menu is a hoax. it's a fraud, phony. if you come here and say i want something off the dollar menu they say we no longer have it, this is what it is, you can't get it for a dollar, it's basically a lie. >> my wife has served in santa cruz helping out with the homeless there. so, you know, we're aware, you know, that there are facilities that actually help, you know. it appears this isn't one of them. >> well, the franchise owner natalie gonzalez says the homeless had nothing to do with it. she released this statement. she says this is a business decision based on a number of contributing factors. while these items are no longer available at a dollar, they are still available at what i
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believe to be a good every day value. in other words, this was a business decision, they're making a little more money because being across the street may mean you're surrounded by some homeless people but it also means a lot of tourists back and forth. it might have been aimed at them. reporting live in san francisco, eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> all right, eric. thanks a lot. a bittersweet story of lost and found. >> i said hi. i said i'm wanda. i'm your daughter. i'm your daughter! >> the twist of fate that brought a daughter and her father together 40 years after they had last seen each other. and a local group that has female business owners saying make mine a million. what they're doing to get on the path to success.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> victor last saw his daughter wanda 41 years ago when he walked out on his family. two weeks ago as he was receiving end of life care for cancer, he looked into the eyes of a nurse and recognized wanda. since then their days have been full of forgiveness and catching up. >> the first that i actually had with you which it really beautiful. very special to me. >> right, right. >> 'cause i'll remember that.
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>> the pair feel grateful they can share decades of memories. women are becoming small business owners at an increasing rate accounting for 35% of the self-employed in california. now there's a contest underway to boost that number even more. designed to turn them into millionaires. abc 7's theresa garcia reports she talked with one local small business owner who found her path to success. >> the hands on company is just that, hands on. everyone at an event pitches in to cook. the business has cooking parties for corporate team building. >> they're learning how to cook but it's more about the experience with their colleagues and their teams than it is about cooking. >> for co-owner molly fuller, it all began six years ago from humble beginnings. >> our first office was out of our home. garage was the staging area. we started with $15,000 of our own money. and then by '06 we had 650 in
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revenue. '07 we have over a million. >> they made this huge revenue jump up over the million dollar mark after molly entered and won an award in the make mine a million dollar business program. >> if you have a business and you've gotten to 180,000 in revenue, we know we can help you get it to a million. >> she gained that helping hand to hands on gourmets. she's the original founder of take our daughters to workday and heads up the national nonprofit count me in for women's economic independence which provides resources for women to grow their microbusinesses into million dollar plus enterprises. >> there are 10.5 million women in business in the united states. the vast majority, 70% are 50,000 a less a year in annual revenue. there are only 2.6% at a million. there's a lot of room for growth. >> since 2005, the make mine a million program has been helping women achieve economic success.
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to participate, women who apply must have owned a business for two years. those selected then go to an event where they pitch their business to a panel of judges and a live audience. >> sort of like miss america meets "american idol," the apreen tis. >> the winners receive a package of business coaching financing and marketing tools to help propel their business into more lucrative territory, plus the confidence to make it happened. theresa garcia, abc 7 news. >> the next make mine a million evented is in san francisco. we have a link at under "see it on tv." mike, it's a million dollar day. >> if you like the warm weather, especially the end where it's been a cool summer. back in san francisco you can see hardly a cloud in the sky. but tomorrow it won't look like this. cold worth is back. i'll tell you just how far our temperatures will drop in a few minutes. >> mike, thanks. yes, there is a holiday but it is no vacation for anyone parking in one bay area city.
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check out this fast and furious bike race in san francisco today. the course is centered around levi strauss plaza. the day long event draws hundreds and includes both professional and amateur cyclists. it has seen top notch competitors in the past. three-time tour de france winner won the san francisco twice in the late '70s. and later this afternoon, boy, still riding going to get pretty hot. >> probably not used to that especially riding downtown where it's 76, could be up to 84 by the end of the afternoon. >> hot for san francisco. >> exactly. should be 68 to 70. other parts, lake merit over in oakland where we have a baseball game today at 1:05 first pitch. going to be gorgeous sunshine, high sun burn factor going to the game. watch for that. and let's go down to santa cruz.
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we showed this morning, deserted. now the folks with am could go out and enjoying the labor day and the beach and the sunshine there by the boardwalk. let's talk temperatures. and we're 63 at half moon bay. we've got low to mid-70s throughout the north bay, the bay and into the south bay. you can see the 80s developing in east bay valleys. around the monterey bay, santa cruz 65. cooler in monterey, 62. 72 watsonville and salinas and warmer gilroy, about 81. let's talk highlights. sunny today. it will be the warmest day this week. fitting into a cool summer. cloudy tonight, sea breeze comes back. that's going to bring coastal drizzle with it and that cooling will continue through tomorrow with the coolest weather on wednesday and thursday. actually well below average. today well above average. check out how much warmer than yesterday. santa rosa 60, san francisco 70 yesterday, 84 degrees today. let's start in the south bay.
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we'll start with temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90 degrees in saratoga. peninsula, temperatures drop but mid to upper 80s. look the half moon bay, sunshine, 76. daly city 73. downtown south san francisco and sausalito in the mid-80s with upper 80s to low 90s through the north bay valleys. sunshine at your beaches and unusually calm. fremont 90 on the high end. east bay valleys, probably running the air conditioner again. dublin and 91 all the way to brentwood 98. around the monterey bay, santa cruz will get up to 85 degrees. 20 more degrees of warming and low to mid-90s morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. warm in the central valley with mid to upper 90s. yosemite 103. notice the cloud cover around l.a. and san diego. that's what's coming our way starting tonight and why we're going to cool down so much
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tomorrow. you're heading to the coliseum, sunshine and warm with the temperature up to 86. drizzle developing tonight, temperatures low to mid-50s in the north bay and at that long the coast with mid to upper 50s along the bay and inland. a little offshore breeze. you notice the clouds not near us. starting to creep up from the south and starting to move in from the north. tonight watch as we head towards tomorrow morning. the clouds, the drizzle, the cooler weather starting to move in. we'll be 10 to 15 degrees cooler tomorrow. but even cooler on wednesday and thursday as temperatures drop another about 6 to 9 degrees. morning clouds, even some drizzle. friday, saturday and sunday more sunshine and temperatures warmer. but not close to what we're going to be today. >> thanks, mike. a judge in the bahamas dropped charges against two trying to extort $25 million from actor john travolta. travolta no longer wanted to
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pursue the case. an ambulance driver and politician were threatening to release private information about the january 2009 death of travolta's 16-year-old son who had a seizure. the case has taken such an emotional toll on his family where they just wanted to put it behind them. a word of warning to san francisco drivers. this holiday monday, this is not a parking meter holiday. starting last fall, the cash-strapped city eliminated some of those free holiday parking that drivers used to enjoy. now there are only three days you don't have to feed parking meters in san francisco, thanksgiving, christmas and new year's day. up next, the black widow versus joey "jaws"
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you can see
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>> today on oprah at 4:00, former "american idol" winner fantasia addresses rumors that she was dating a married man. a small plane crashes into a las vegas neighborhood killing one person. what went wrong. and a bay area woman credits a popular breast cancer drug with extending her life as the fda studies it to see if it actually works. these stories and more an abc 7 news at 5:00. joey chestnut, the number one competitive eat ner america is licking his wounds after losing a chicken wing eating contest. >> what! >> yep. he was favored to win the eating competition in buffalo, new york. the champ devoured 169 chicken wings in 12 minutes but that was 12 wings short of sonya thomas
11:27 am
there nicknamed the black widow. she took the title by taking down 187 wings. she often beats larger male competitives. only about 5 feet, 105 pounds as afternoon wards she say she was still hungry, ate 20 more. >> she did not. she's trying to build her own legend. >> come on! >> where does she put it! >> why aren't those sponsored like by malox. >> they need to be! one final look at our forecast. >> just sunshine. enjoy the warmth tot today. if you're having family and friends, it's a gorgeous day. wear the sun block. >> thank you for i don't think us on this labor oprah: "american idol" winner fantasia takes on the rumors. what happened to all the money? then, once over 700 pounds, what happened to all the money? then, once over 700 pounds, reality tv star ruby's
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